Sunday, November 7, 2010

At the End of My Rope

Through all of my perils, there’s been so much despair
If my track record holds, I won’t make it out there
Frustration erupts, as I, blow my top
It’s that same old story, I am unable to stop
In the life of an addict, things change day to day
And it’s usually due to, the games that we play
The lying, the cheating, unable to face facts
Every deal that we do, the monkey’s still on our backs
As I lost my integrity, the truth all but dies
And when it all comes forth, I’m caught in my lies
When it comes out, It’s hard sometimes knowing
Unable to go forth, I’m no longer growing
The big wheel keeps turning, it cycles again
Without honesty and integrity, you have no true friend
Once you’ve reached this point, usually there’s no return
The devil he dances, as your soul slowly burns
The only way out, is for God to step in
And though you certainly don’t deserve it, He forgives you, your sins
It’s so hard to surrender, as you look to the sky
Knowing this time, not to quit, is to die
Life starts getting better, with each brand new day
But through all of life’s setbacks, you’ve now found, a way


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