Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Two are the Same

I'm well on my way, just to where i'll decide
without all the drama, and my own foolish pride
I'm learning to live, with myself once again
And i'm trying to be honest, from now to the end
I've done my share, of time and mistakes
I deserved all I got, along with the breaks
But I wont' go back, to the way I once was
The way a man lives, are in the things that he does
Abide all you can, and help those in need
to plant a great crop, you must start with great seeds
So learn all you can, it helps to be sure
You can let that past go now, you're not who you were
Be a friend to a friend, and know who are not
Be thankful to God, for the blessings you got
Remember those times, you were happy and free
Work hard and play hard, to be all you can be
With God as your savior, you're never without
That He loves you dearly, there can be no doubt
For the love of your children, you know you've been blessed
If you don't steer them wrong, they won't be second guessed
Be honest and faithful, and you'll live without shame
Of all of life's wonders, no two are the same


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