Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Wall

I pray for the families, of these men, in here
Because it's harder on them, than it first may appear
For in some of their hearts, there is guilt and there is shame
While others may feel, it's them self to blame
When you have a loved one, locked up inside
While others may feel, it's their self that's to blame
When you have a loved one, locked up in state prison
You sometime feel angry, about this family division
But remember this friends, you beat evil with good
and though life isn't fair, it should be understood
With love there is hope, I believe this is true
And the more that you have, the more you can do
We must have in our hears, understanding for all
for united we stand, and divided we fall
So to all those who suffer, send your love and your prayers
Because inside it's good knowing, that someone out there still cares
Though I may be a convert, my love's for you all
It's forgiveness my people, that will break down the wall

Ricky Z

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