Friday, November 19, 2010

Turning Point

I've been in the system, for to many years'
Though I've finished my sentence, But still have my fears
When the devil shows up, will I fall like before
Or this time stand tall, sending him out the door
The truth of the matter, is that, time will tell
IF I'll overcome, or if, he will prevail
I'm not looking forward, to fighting again
But life is a challenge, you fight to the end
I now need my family, now more than ever before
If I don't put things together, I'm gonna die poor
There are so many things, that I've yet to do
Mountains, valleys, and rivers, I'd like to cross them all
And a lady who loves me, the rest of my days
Whom I can depend on, for her gentle ways
That God will stand by me, that I live in His light
That for His commandments, I am willing to fight
That before I'm gone, that is Son will return
That the devil's in hell, for eternity to burn
No more wars or distraction, with peace for mankind
This is what I predict, in the future we'll find
That my son understands, and that were friends again
and through it all, that once more, new beginnings begin

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