Sunday, October 31, 2010

So Much to Learn

I'm just a traveler, my journey so long
Through all of life's perils, I must remain strong
Some days I could swear, I was just born to lose
It justifies all of the drugs that I use
Although I believe, and the lord is my savior
It never has altered, all of my bad behavior
I'm coming to grips with myself at last
As I no longer am able, to live in that path
My time here on earths, getting shorter each day
Sometimes I feel myself, slipping away
For those who still suffer, I care a great deal
Not for liars and thieves, who deceive and who steal
Life is too short, and there is so much to learn
Beware of ol Statan, or you'll surely burn
Remember sometimes, life can be so unfair
The key is understanding, what blows in the air
Relax, take it easy, and don't lose your drive
Through all tribulations, it's great being alive

                  Ricky Z

1 comment:

  1. I Love how I can hear his voice so clearly in my head reading the poems. Such a powerful voice, and such powerful words!