Monday, November 29, 2010

The Rest of My Days

For these past months, I've changed every day
It's been positive input, I'm feeling my way
I've found myself finally, letting go of the past
It's almost as if, a dye has been cast
My life is getting better, it's great being alive
My energy is high, so is my will and drive
For the first time in years, I think it's sinking in
And I've made up my mind, I'm not going back where I've been
The drugs and the booze, have left their mark on me
Though the past can't be changed, in the future we'll see
I've made a commitment, to God and myself
to treat myself better, in mind and in health
it's not going to be east, but good things never are
old situations still linger, though you're never out of the car
you've learned to to no, and you now stick to your guns
You're know more alive, without those four day runs
It took forty years to open that lock, for those who still suffer
It's time to take stalk
Time is getting shorter, so don't fly to high
Without that old baggage, give this new way a try
If you're true to yourself, to the lord and his ways
your life will be solid, for the rest of your days
so never give up, be caring and share
and the end of your rope, he will always be there

Ricky Z

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