Monday, November 29, 2010

The Rest of My Days

For these past months, I've changed every day
It's been positive input, I'm feeling my way
I've found myself finally, letting go of the past
It's almost as if, a dye has been cast
My life is getting better, it's great being alive
My energy is high, so is my will and drive
For the first time in years, I think it's sinking in
And I've made up my mind, I'm not going back where I've been
The drugs and the booze, have left their mark on me
Though the past can't be changed, in the future we'll see
I've made a commitment, to God and myself
to treat myself better, in mind and in health
it's not going to be east, but good things never are
old situations still linger, though you're never out of the car
you've learned to to no, and you now stick to your guns
You're know more alive, without those four day runs
It took forty years to open that lock, for those who still suffer
It's time to take stalk
Time is getting shorter, so don't fly to high
Without that old baggage, give this new way a try
If you're true to yourself, to the lord and his ways
your life will be solid, for the rest of your days
so never give up, be caring and share
and the end of your rope, he will always be there

Ricky Z

Just how Real

There is no cure, for this lifetime's disease
And if you think there is, just tell me please
For forty years now, I've struggled so
To fine there's so much, that I still don't know
I've lost it all, it seems so many times
As I failed to read, all those warning signs
More than my share, of chances though
How bad off I was, I just didn't know
That I love life, was my total excuse
It justified simply, all my drug abuse
For so many years, I've just wondered why
All the good things in life, just past me by
I burned it all, on everyone but me
Never realizing, I had the key
It filled me with rage, with anger so strong
It gave me reassurance, I that didn't belong
Just one more excuse, to seek a new high
Rolling on to the bitter end, I didn't bat an eye
This life I was living, seemed without end
Until that day I buried, my only true friend
In my sweetest dreams, I still see her face
But now that she's gone, I'm lost with no trace
One lonely man, is who I've become
My bones they all ache now, my mind old and numb
I guess a broken heart, is the hardest to heal
As I'm finding out now, it's just all to real

Ricky Z

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fine Line

Life is a challenge, embrace every day
Ask God in your prayers,to show you the way
Because of ol Satan, And all of his lies
The more that you listen, the more you are wise
Remember that nothing is ever the same
So learn all you can, and don't place the blame
Friends are forever, if you choose them right
When you work at it all day
you sleep well at night
That God is your savior, don't ever doubt
know what to hold in, and what to let out
Through out your life, many changes will come
What may be good for you,may not be good for some
Every ones different, No two are the same
You shoot your best shot, when you take careful aim
Life has a balance, search find and you find
Between deception and honesty, is a very fine line

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No Two are the Same

I'm well on my way, just to where i'll decide
without all the drama, and my own foolish pride
I'm learning to live, with myself once again
And i'm trying to be honest, from now to the end
I've done my share, of time and mistakes
I deserved all I got, along with the breaks
But I wont' go back, to the way I once was
The way a man lives, are in the things that he does
Abide all you can, and help those in need
to plant a great crop, you must start with great seeds
So learn all you can, it helps to be sure
You can let that past go now, you're not who you were
Be a friend to a friend, and know who are not
Be thankful to God, for the blessings you got
Remember those times, you were happy and free
Work hard and play hard, to be all you can be
With God as your savior, you're never without
That He loves you dearly, there can be no doubt
For the love of your children, you know you've been blessed
If you don't steer them wrong, they won't be second guessed
Be honest and faithful, and you'll live without shame
Of all of life's wonders, no two are the same


Monday, November 22, 2010

With You in My Life

I never knew love, until you showed me how
That soft gentle touch, that kiss on my brow
There's no better feeling, you snuggling by me
My heart burns with fire, my soul feels so free
The love we both share, is second to none
And when we make love, you make it so fun
I just want to thank you, for being there
To me the best part, is the love we both share
I'm gratefully happy, for someone like you
No one comes close, girl, believe me it's true
To the girl of my dreams, we can make it my love
No turning back, we've been blessed from above
When you hold me close, how could I ask for more
with you in my life, I will never die poor

Don't Make it Your Last

Live is worth living, so don't ever give in
Sometimes it's like, you just can't win
With so much to learn, and time goes so fast
Who knows when you next breathe, will be your last
Live, love, and listen, and keep some at bay
Don't sell yourself short, and do what you say
The associations you make, whether you rise or fall
Should be your own choice, for one and for all

Friday, November 19, 2010

Turning Point

I've been in the system, for to many years'
Though I've finished my sentence, But still have my fears
When the devil shows up, will I fall like before
Or this time stand tall, sending him out the door
The truth of the matter, is that, time will tell
IF I'll overcome, or if, he will prevail
I'm not looking forward, to fighting again
But life is a challenge, you fight to the end
I now need my family, now more than ever before
If I don't put things together, I'm gonna die poor
There are so many things, that I've yet to do
Mountains, valleys, and rivers, I'd like to cross them all
And a lady who loves me, the rest of my days
Whom I can depend on, for her gentle ways
That God will stand by me, that I live in His light
That for His commandments, I am willing to fight
That before I'm gone, that is Son will return
That the devil's in hell, for eternity to burn
No more wars or distraction, with peace for mankind
This is what I predict, in the future we'll find
That my son understands, and that were friends again
and through it all, that once more, new beginnings begin

Thursday, November 18, 2010

On Our 32nd Anniversary

To Sue, your tender face and look
will hold me until the loving end
I've lost so much, I can't have back
So much to learn. So much I lack
I am so grateful, you share your love with me
Because of you, I feel God's blessing from above
And I am saved from Satan's fire

To feel your heart with love's desire
Back in love again with you, my dearest friend
Our hearts bonding until the end
True lovers, is how, we should stay

Falling in love more each day
I want to give you all I can
To be your tender loving man
With loving care forever more
Ir's you and me, for richer and poor

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Wall

I pray for the families, of these men, in here
Because it's harder on them, than it first may appear
For in some of their hearts, there is guilt and there is shame
While others may feel, it's them self to blame
When you have a loved one, locked up inside
While others may feel, it's their self that's to blame
When you have a loved one, locked up in state prison
You sometime feel angry, about this family division
But remember this friends, you beat evil with good
and though life isn't fair, it should be understood
With love there is hope, I believe this is true
And the more that you have, the more you can do
We must have in our hears, understanding for all
for united we stand, and divided we fall
So to all those who suffer, send your love and your prayers
Because inside it's good knowing, that someone out there still cares
Though I may be a convert, my love's for you all
It's forgiveness my people, that will break down the wall

Ricky Z

Sunday, November 7, 2010

At the End of My Rope

Through all of my perils, there’s been so much despair
If my track record holds, I won’t make it out there
Frustration erupts, as I, blow my top
It’s that same old story, I am unable to stop
In the life of an addict, things change day to day
And it’s usually due to, the games that we play
The lying, the cheating, unable to face facts
Every deal that we do, the monkey’s still on our backs
As I lost my integrity, the truth all but dies
And when it all comes forth, I’m caught in my lies
When it comes out, It’s hard sometimes knowing
Unable to go forth, I’m no longer growing
The big wheel keeps turning, it cycles again
Without honesty and integrity, you have no true friend
Once you’ve reached this point, usually there’s no return
The devil he dances, as your soul slowly burns
The only way out, is for God to step in
And though you certainly don’t deserve it, He forgives you, your sins
It’s so hard to surrender, as you look to the sky
Knowing this time, not to quit, is to die
Life starts getting better, with each brand new day
But through all of life’s setbacks, you’ve now found, a way