Monday, November 29, 2010

Just how Real

There is no cure, for this lifetime's disease
And if you think there is, just tell me please
For forty years now, I've struggled so
To fine there's so much, that I still don't know
I've lost it all, it seems so many times
As I failed to read, all those warning signs
More than my share, of chances though
How bad off I was, I just didn't know
That I love life, was my total excuse
It justified simply, all my drug abuse
For so many years, I've just wondered why
All the good things in life, just past me by
I burned it all, on everyone but me
Never realizing, I had the key
It filled me with rage, with anger so strong
It gave me reassurance, I that didn't belong
Just one more excuse, to seek a new high
Rolling on to the bitter end, I didn't bat an eye
This life I was living, seemed without end
Until that day I buried, my only true friend
In my sweetest dreams, I still see her face
But now that she's gone, I'm lost with no trace
One lonely man, is who I've become
My bones they all ache now, my mind old and numb
I guess a broken heart, is the hardest to heal
As I'm finding out now, it's just all to real

Ricky Z

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