Sunday, October 31, 2010

So Much to Learn

I'm just a traveler, my journey so long
Through all of life's perils, I must remain strong
Some days I could swear, I was just born to lose
It justifies all of the drugs that I use
Although I believe, and the lord is my savior
It never has altered, all of my bad behavior
I'm coming to grips with myself at last
As I no longer am able, to live in that path
My time here on earths, getting shorter each day
Sometimes I feel myself, slipping away
For those who still suffer, I care a great deal
Not for liars and thieves, who deceive and who steal
Life is too short, and there is so much to learn
Beware of ol Statan, or you'll surely burn
Remember sometimes, life can be so unfair
The key is understanding, what blows in the air
Relax, take it easy, and don't lose your drive
Through all tribulations, it's great being alive

                  Ricky Z

Friday, October 29, 2010

Slipping Away

It’s no wonder our nation, so full of confusion
Our leaders have lied, with all their illusions
We really don’t know who to trust anymore, it seems no politician is worth voting for
All empty promises no real results, while religions now  nothing but glorified cults
Foreign investors are buying us out, we seemed to have lost what this country is about
Our homeless they die on our streets everyday, as our government keeps giving billions away
Will they ever know and will they ever see, just what they’ve done to the land of the free
It seems to be getting much worse every day, what our fore fathers fought for is slipping away
The war that’s on drugs, is but one more diversion, to raise up more taxes for their next excursion
It seems to be getting much worse every year, as our jails are all full and our prisons are near
Will they ever know and will they ever see, this what they’ve done to the land of the free
The people have given as much as they can, we must ban together, we must make a stand
For if we don’t soon, I fear their’s a day, when we all see our freedom, has just slipped away


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Am Ready

I no longer need, to live in the past
As for any more chances, this is probably my last
Changed the course of my life, as I burned every bridge
Never seemed to be able, to top that list ridge
Without getting better, I never got well
Though, my ship, it  came in, it never set sail
So now here I sit, in a life full of doubt
Not sure I can change, what it’s all been about
But I won’t stop trying, and like it or not
When I meet sober people, I now like what they’ve got
And although it takes time, it’s still on my side
If  I am worthy enough, to take that last ride
And that I’m working hard now, to mend those old sails
To ensure that I’m worthy, that my challenges prevails


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It Comes From Within

For some many years, all the drugs I abused
Those calculated risks, and the triggers I’ve used
No matter who suffered, I had it my way
And for those who got hurt, oh well one more day
This pattern I lived by, went on for so long
Until it was just me, the rest dead and gone
But that didn’t stop me, for the addict I was
Friends said why you don’t stop, my answer – because
I hated myself, but I just couldn’t stop
In my basement room, I drew up my last drop
Never satisfied, I always had to have more
Never thought for a minute, that I could die poor
But then came the day, my last overdose
Saved by paramedics, this one was to close
From that day on, I made an amend
That I would never put a needle in my arm again
But I couldn’t stop, so I dropped down a gear
That needle turned to a pipe, captain Morgan’s to beer
Chase senses and dope scenes, it was starting again
I was a true born loser, never destined to win
I was unable to save me, but I got one last try
I was so sick of my life, and of just getting by
I am now on a road, where it goes I am not sure
I am still a little skeptical, if there’s really a cure
But this time I am trying, and for all of my sins
If I am to stay clean, if must come from within