Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It Comes From Within

For some many years, all the drugs I abused
Those calculated risks, and the triggers I’ve used
No matter who suffered, I had it my way
And for those who got hurt, oh well one more day
This pattern I lived by, went on for so long
Until it was just me, the rest dead and gone
But that didn’t stop me, for the addict I was
Friends said why you don’t stop, my answer – because
I hated myself, but I just couldn’t stop
In my basement room, I drew up my last drop
Never satisfied, I always had to have more
Never thought for a minute, that I could die poor
But then came the day, my last overdose
Saved by paramedics, this one was to close
From that day on, I made an amend
That I would never put a needle in my arm again
But I couldn’t stop, so I dropped down a gear
That needle turned to a pipe, captain Morgan’s to beer
Chase senses and dope scenes, it was starting again
I was a true born loser, never destined to win
I was unable to save me, but I got one last try
I was so sick of my life, and of just getting by
I am now on a road, where it goes I am not sure
I am still a little skeptical, if there’s really a cure
But this time I am trying, and for all of my sins
If I am to stay clean, if must come from within


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